Generate 8-15 qualified sales opportunities every month on autopilot without needing to hire and train SDRs

This B2B Tech SaaS company generated 25 interested responses from Decision-makers at US-based enterprise companies within 7 weeks

...using the TROI system that adds 8-15 qualified sales opportunities to your B2B sales pipeline every month. Completely hands-off and on autopilot.

Bradley Benner at Semantic Links signed 5 new customers within 30 days at a 71% close rate, while only speaking with highly qualified prospects booked on his sales calendar completely on autopilot...

Josh & his team signed an 8-figure international sports brand as a client and gets 1-3 meetings with qualified brands every week...

Without having to as much as lift a finger...

When we first spoke, Josh, was skeptical about working with a demand generation agency after being disappointed by several agencies that promised 10, 20, 50 leads per month but failed to deliver.

Six months into working with us, Josh signed multiple new clients including an 8-figre e-commerce brand and now has 1-3 new sales opportunities coming in every week. Consistently and completely on autopilot.

Everyone is using cold email and Linkedin. How do you get ensure that you stand out and get results?

Using the T.R.O.I. system

What is the T.R.O.I. system, you ask? Here's a glimpse...

What’s the ONE thing that STOPS businesses from growing 2X, 3X, or even 5X as fast as they currently do?

A LACK of sales opportunities in your sales pipeline.

And it isn't for a lack of trying either...

You've done it all - tried hiring salespeople, hopping between CRMs, experimented with Linkedin, maybe even sent some cold emails - but all this gave you was:

Unqualified leads, tire-kickers, and LOTS of frustration.

But, is there a way to do it better?

Most businesses are able to grow to a healthy point based solely on inbound leads and referrals.

But, what do you do when you're looking to go after even larger numbers?What do you do when you want to land that DREAM client that you have no relationships with?What do you do when you want to ensure CONSISTENT lead flow into your pipeline?

You write a message and send it out. Cold.

Meh.... there's no way that'd work.

Think again - because cold outreach done right WORKS!

We have helped our clients generate $600,000+ in the last 14 months - ALL of it from deals closed through cold outreach.

Getting them deals with Billion dollar companies such Blue Origin and 7-eleven...

And finding them clients even though they did not have a dedicated sales team - ALL using one ridiculously effective system that we developed:


4 Stages of the T.R.O.I. System

Targeting & Tech

Sniper over Shotgun.


You can't sell to a market you don't know...

Outreach & Optimization

Be OMNIPRESENT. Outreach that is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore.

Innovate & Iterate

No tactics. No hacks. We *create* methods that the rest of the industry copies and sells as tactics.

What Clients say...

Don't take our word for it. Listen to what clients have to say about working with us...

Jesse Sanders - Amerisales

We helped Jesse, the Chief Sales Officer at Amerisales get on the phone with C-level executives and decision makers at brands doing at least $100,000/mo in revenue

Okay, so now you know the system works. And it has worked for several others just like you.

Still on the fence? Go through this FAQ:

Why work with a remote sales agency?

No 401k match. No fixed monthly pay. No health insurance.No paid leaves.

No spending 6 weeks for SDR training & onboarding.

Expand your sales pipeline from DAY ONE.

Who is this for?

If you have a proven, market-validated B2B offer and you know your ICP, this system is guaranteed to bring you results.

Do I need to have salespeople?

If you already have a sales team, we will use the T.R.O.I. system to generate leads and hand them over to your team. But in case you don't, the system WILL work for you. All you need is one person to take on calls with prospects.

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